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From the perspective of a policy idea
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From the perspective of a policy idea, endesignerbelts.com the New Deal clearly didn't completely get rid of the path dependence of driven by investment growth, the vast majority of measures belong to through the investment multiplier effect, move economic growth. Scream, to some extent the Replica Hermes Belt economy in a relatively long period of time, the weak domestic demand and exports face under the background of the international economic downturn, huge dependence relies on investment, investment in a long time still will be the engine of economic growth. This policy may cause paradox lies in: on the one hand, the investment environment by the government to pay for the previous vandalism and on the other hand, investment-led growth will inevitably cause new depletion and destruction of the environment. In terms of resource allocation, if excessive reliance on the government investment, economic growth means that in some areas of the government's monopoly, the power of the government not only failed to weaken, can enhance instead, this is also and run counter to the goal of the reform. To analyze investment, investment of 4 trillion, two years is equivalent to nearly one 5 of Replica Designer Belts's GDP in 2007, the economic growth of at least two percent, strength is obvious. Don't forget, however, www.endesignerbelts.com the total investment of 4 trillion, distributed in the field of 10, but also including VAT deduction. Any field in the field of the top 10 have painful history debt, and investment of 4 trillion, www.nogossipzone.com took 2 trillion railway construction. Assigned to the livelihood of the people in the field of real can have how much, this is an obvious answer. Therefore, if there are no more operational measures, ten steps will still probably turned out to be the feast of the interest groups to redistribute interests. Under the circumstances of financial crisis to Replica Designer Belts's economic institutional condition, we still believe that excessive reliance on exports and investment increase GDP, reform ignore the livelihood of the people and cause weak domestic demand is the two big ills, this system may be able to create a good balance sheet, but its weak and external dependence is obvious. The American financial crisis attacks, exports drop quickly evolved into real economic problems, from the indicators, in addition to the economic growth of 9.9% is relatively good, other www.aaabelts.ru indicators are significantly predicted the economy itself entered the downward path. This model, no matter whether the financial crisis, after its marginal benefit maximization, adjust the cycle will come sooner or later, the financial crisis but will greatly advance the cycle, and become the economic transformation of an external force Replica Designer Belts opportunities. But fortunately, in the face of the worst throes of crisis and transformation
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